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Half-way review DS-AGEING, a project about active ageing in people with Down syndrome

The DS-AGEING project began in November 2018 and almost one year after, the first stage of the project is completed. This stage, consisting of the development of joint creation sessions with end users (people with Down syndrome, family members, caregivers, and professionals), has established the basis for the proper development of the later phases of the project, which are the design of the training program and the design of a e-training platform where the created materials will be found.

These co-creation sessions were held during the month of April in all the countries of the consortium partners: Spain, Portugal, Greece, Romania and Slovenia. The co-creation methodology with end users will allow to create and design a program adapted to the real needs of the end users and also promote inclusion. In those sessions, apart from presenting the project and its objectives, it also has been highlighted the importance of promoting active ageing in this population in order to increase awareness.

After this first stage, the project is now focused on the design and development of the contents, methodology and materials of the training program addressed to people with Down syndrome, families, caregivers and professionals working in that field.

The DS-AGEING project funded by the European Erasmus + program is mainly aimed to promote the active ageing of people with Down syndrome by designing an innovative training program.

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