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Validation actions on board!

In the framework of the DS-AGEING project - Development of a training program for improving the well-ageing of persons with Down syndrome - ALDO-CET has started the validation process of the training activities developed within this European Project.

The validation targets three types of activities (face-to-face, practical and e-training) that aim at pro-active prophylaxis of the aging process in optimal health condition. The activities are designed for people involved in this process: adults with Down syndrome, families, assistants and professionals. The three types of activities are developed for four dimensions considered important for the
prophylaxis of diseases associated with aging: active aging in optimal health condition, cognitive functioning, physical health and coping with transitional events.

A group of young people with Down syndrome, their parents, together with a group of professionals from the association and from other Romanian entities, experience the designed activities. Our young people with Down syndrome and their families are trying to adapt themselves to the unusual conditions caused by the global pandemic. They carry out certain face-to-face activities and practical exercises in the park. They experiment the DS-Ageing training package by doing exercises to maintain their optimal health and to train their executive functions, psychomotor skills, language and communication competences.

The joy of being together again and continuation of their activities brought back among the participants the desire to get involved, the curiosity for the proposed activities, stimulus for discovering new possibilities to use their skills and the empowerment of their competences in order to maintain their physical, mental and social health.

Soon in October, the activities proposed by the European consortium will be available on the project website ( and we invite you to experiment them and maintain your optimal health being active no matter what your age is but especially in older age!

DS_AGEING is a project funded by the European Commission within the Erasmus+ 2018
Programme under the Agreement no. 2018-1-ES01-KA204-050733.

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